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I bet you're thinking "No way, this must be a scam!" In fact, many freebie websites out there ARE scams, which is why we started this site, to help people like you find the legitimate sites which WILL send you a totally free Nintendo Wii.

How do I know this isn't a scam?

I've spent over a year researching online freebies and to date I've received over $4000 in online prizes and PayPal including free iPods, a free XBOX 360 Elite, and a free Nintendo Wii! To see some of the freebies I've already received, check out this Freebie Proof. These freebie sites are known as Incentivized Freebie Websites and they are 100% Legitimate!

How do I get a Free Nintendo Wii?

Getting a free Nintendo Wii is as simple as 1-2-3. has found the most legitimate sites for you to get your free Wii so let's get started!

Step One : Choose your freebie

Sign up and one or all of the sites below to get started with your free prizes! Make sure you enter your real information - these sites have been tested and proven legitimate and they won't sell your information or spam you. Make sure you use your correct address so that they can deliver your free Nintendo Wii.

Free Nintendo Wii (US & Canada)
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Looking for more stuff for free online? Check out this Legit Freebie Directory.

Don't try to cheat the system! If you do everything as you see on this page, and you don't try to cheat in any way you will be guaranteed to receive your Nintendo Wii free of charge. People who cheat get caught!

Step Two : Try an advertiser's offer

To get your Free Nintendo Wii you'll need to try an advertiser's offer. Don't worry, you don't have to spend lots of money or sell your soul. The offers are from legitimate companies, probably ones you have heard of and many of them are free trials. Pick the offer you like the best and sign up! For more info on why you need to do this step check out this Guide to Freebie Offers. Don't skip this step - you won't get your free Wii! It's a good idea to do it right away so that you don't forget, that way you can get your Free Nintendo Wii faster.

Step Three : Tell your friends

To get your free Nintendo Wii you'll need to refer some friends to the program. Now that you've signed up and completed your offer, you know how the system works so you can tell your friends about it. You don't have to worry about them being scammed because they are signing up under YOU and you just signed up at a proven legitimate free Nintendo Wii site. If they are skeptical, show them this page so they know how it all works.

Having trouble finding referrals? Check out How to Get Freebie Referrals for lots of ideas on how to get referrals for FREE!

Your Free Nintendo Wii is on it's way!

Once you've completed your offer and your referrals have done their offers too, your Free Wii will be shipped to you. You don't even have to pay shipping! So long as you didn't try to cheat the system in any way you will get a totally free Nintendo Wii.

Need more info?

Do you need more info about online freebies? Check out for a complete guide to online freebies.

Still skeptical?

Feel free ask a question or leave a comment!

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2011 January 8, 13:01 Donna wrote :
Is this for real. No scam to get an nintendo wii free
2011 March 5, 18:29 wrote :

This is 100% real, not a scam.

2010 December 30, 09:00 yoshi5843 wrote :
Are you serious this is a free Nintendo Wii?
2011 March 5, 18:29 wrote :


2010 December 18, 18:54 Will Morrish wrote :
wii is awesome, one of the best gaming stations ever! it makes you fit- you use your body to control the wii. and the games are really cool, that is of course what makes the wii totally awesome.
2011 March 5, 18:29 wrote :

Yeah, I love my free wii, totally fun!

2010 December 18, 16:47 Tiffany wrote :
Do I have to buy anything at all, to get the free wii fit system??
2011 March 5, 18:29 wrote :

No purchase is necessary to get your free Wii fit!

2010 December 18, 07:14 Deanna wrote :
When will the wii be at my house?
2011 March 5, 18:29 wrote :

Once you place your order it takes about one week to arrive.

2010 December 17, 16:24 christine wrote :
my home recently broken into and the thieves stole my childrens' wii game and i cant afford to get them another one.
2011 March 5, 18:29 wrote :

This is a good way to get one for free!

2010 December 17, 08:53 Kristy may wrote :
I love freebies

2010 December 10, 09:05 Sadie Hamilton wrote :
would love to get a wii for my fiance but they seem to be very expensive!
2011 March 5, 18:29 wrote :

Yes but this way you can get one for free!

2010 November 20, 08:45 Tom wrote :
is this really legitimate? and if it is, can you show me the video where CNNN and NBC show us that this site is real?
2011 March 5, 18:29 wrote :

Check out the proof section here: Free Wii proof

2010 October 2, 18:49 danson wrote :
thanks dude your alsome thanks agian this is cool man.

2010 September 16, 07:37 wii mod wrote :
NICE JOB! applause dude your awesome im gonna do what your doing, when i finally get my wii fit! any way i saw the hulk vid and that was hilarious, also i just saw a commericial for the new batman wings and belt and utility belt you should do that when dark knight comes out!

2010 August 10, 13:01 Lily wrote :
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010 May 6, 03:48 Vihanga wrote :
DO WE have to pay shipment???
2010 May 6, 21:12 wrote :

No, shipping is free.

2010 March 31, 08:29 Rahil Patel wrote :
I know this is great and the company who made the free wii service I would like to a big thanks to.

2010 March 31, 08:26 Rahil Patel wrote :
I know this is going to be very ecxiting and I cant wait!

2010 March 12, 11:55 Jerri wrote :
This doesn't seem if you reply back, I'll know if this is legit.
2010 March 12, 18:18 wrote :

Yes, this is legitimate. It has been proven real by CNN and NBC.

2010 March 7, 16:43 Fernando wrote :
how long would shipping take? and how much would it cost for shipping?
2010 March 8, 12:50 wrote :

Shipping is 100% free and usually takes about 2-5 business days.

2010 February 25, 14:40 Alvin wrote :
Thanks for the Free Wii!!!
2010 February 25, 20:57 wrote :

You are welcome, enjoy it!

2009 December 28, 01:28 bill wrote :
just writting to check posts are real
2009 December 29, 11:02 wrote :

Hi Bill - yes the comments are real, let me know if I can help you get a Free Wii by answering some questions.

2009 December 25, 14:53 tony wrote :
hi just typing a comment to see if this is real, if so which offers equal the 50 points needed for the wii and are free offers?
2009 December 29, 11:01 wrote :

Hi tony, all the Level A offers are worth 50 points (you only need to do one!). Not sure which free ones there are at the moment as new offers are added all the time. You should take a look through and find the offer which you are the most interested in trying.

2009 December 21, 12:18 faridi wrote :
if this work u the best

2009 November 29, 17:20 Dipta Das wrote :
I think it is great that people could go on there computer to get a free wii

2009 November 14, 10:31 Jay wrote :
Yes this does work I got my own Wii the other day, you have to complete all the instructions.

2009 October 10, 12:25 beau wrote :
I really would like a Wii but I do not know if I like this idea, if i feel that i am still skeptical after a while can i cancel and be left alone??
2009 October 10, 15:17 Free Nintendo Wii wrote :

You can request that your free Wii account be closed at any time.

2009 October 5, 15:41 Beka wrote :
What kind of info do u ask for, and how long does it usually take for the wii to get here?
2009 October 5, 21:20 Free Nintendo Wii wrote :

Your name and address is required to mail your free Wii. It usually just takes a few days (it is usually ordered from Amazon).

2009 September 30, 15:05 mo wrote :
do you have to sign up
2009 September 30, 16:24 Free Nintendo Wii wrote :

If you want a free Wii just follow the easy steps on this page.

2009 August 2, 08:38 Julie henderson wrote :
i am supposed to get a free wii when i signed up for i offer i did sign up for netflix now where is my free wii
2009 August 2, 13:25 Free Nintendo Wii wrote :

Once you get your referrals, submit your account for review and then place your order for your free Wii!

2009 July 23, 19:53 Jasmin wrote :
How many referals are needed to get a nintendo wii?(u.s.)
2009 July 24, 07:18 Free Nintendo Wii wrote :

You only need 5 referrals to get a free Wii.

2009 July 21, 13:38 dave wrote :
does it cost for shipping to the uk? because got told it did and does this send a virus to your computer?
2009 July 21, 18:25 Free Nintendo Wii wrote :

Shipping is always free, just like your Wii. The free Nintendo Wii program that we tell you about here has been tested and has no viruses. It is 100% legitimate and you will get a free Wii.

2009 July 17, 09:52 mario wrote :
how do i no if this is real or not and its just another scam site that a spy ware
2009 July 17, 13:04 Free Nintendo Wii wrote :

I suggest that you do some online research. Google "freebie proof" or "trainn proof" to see that this recommended site is real and you will get a free wii.

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